Kevin Levy

Governor for a United Oregon in 2022.


Hello to the great state of Oregon. My name is Kevin Levy and I am running to be the Independent Party of Oregon nominee to be your next Governor.

When we are united we are stronger.

This race is about the creative ideas that can inspire regardless of party. It’s finding solutions by not following the same footsteps of the past. It’s big ideas for change that will motivate people to go out and vote.

Under my leadership we will be a united Oregon. A stronger Oregon with a platform not based on politics or a political party. A platform so monumental and diverse that it will excite as we prosper together.

Oregon has so much potential to go BIG. We can transform into a powerhouse state with the right ideas for change.

I have laid out a robust platform to do exactly that, to proudly strengthen and unite our amazing state.

Dig deeper into my website to read through my ideas that can work for you.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail.



Dig deeper into these 6 major topics.

Economic Growth

Creating a robust economic plan while making sure that ALL 36 counties in Oregon are on track to have expansive growth. Helping the local mom-and-pop shops thrive. Creating the Oregon Star Road. Building an online retail mega-store for all Oregon businesses.


When your community is thriving then everyone benefits. Transportation. Homelessness. Music, Arts and Sports. Affordable housing. Social, racial and gender equality. Uniting Oregon together regardless of political party.


Creating a new platform for our youth to be heard while implementing their concerns into action. Focusing on helping more high-school graduates go into higher education. The power of After-school programs.

Power to the People

Creating the 7 Corners of Anti-Corruption. Implementing new methods to put more power back into the hands of Oregonians. Holding politicians accountable for their lies.

The Environment

Creating a West Coast Solution to tackle Climate Change. The future of energy. Applying science to our environmental issues and focusing on solutions that can also bring huge economic growth.


Helping Oregonians lead a longer and healthier lifestyle. COVID Recovery. Helping seniors age with grace and supporting women’s health.


I would love to have your support to help build a united Oregon.

Please let us know a little bit about how you can support our gubernatorial campaign!

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