Kevin Levy

Governor for a United Oregon in 2022.

Kevin Levy, An Independent for Oregon Governor 2022


Hello to the great state of Oregon. My name is Kevin Levy and I am running to be your next Governor.

In this divided political climate it is more important than ever that we need to be united. A Democrat will never be able to unite us all. Nor will a Republican. Unfortunately it just won’t happen because the two-parties are impulsively and politically pitted against each other. 

Under my leadership we will build out the first ever interactive website for all Oregonians to engage in. This monumental site will be so diverse and wide-ranging that it will allow everyone to learn, unify and prosper together.

We will see conservatives working together with progressives and Democrats rooting for their Republican neighbors to succeed.

I will lay out a robust platform to do exactly that, to proudly unite our amazing state.


My administration will focus on 6 major topics.

Economic Growth

Creating a robust economic plan while making sure that ALL 36 counties in Oregon are on track to have expansive growth. Helping the local mom-and-pop shops thrive beyond their vision of success. Building an online retail mega-store for all Oregon businesses. 

Our Community

When your community is thriving then everyone benefits from within. Agendas we will engage in: Racial, Social and Gender Equality. Justice. Homelessness. Music and the Arts. Activities and Events. Uniting Oregonians together as one regardless of political party.

Youth Empowerment

Creating a new platform for our youth to be heard while implementing their concerns into action. Focusing on helping more high-school graduates go into higher education. Making educational improvements that young adults would welcome.

Power to the People

Creating the “7 Decrees of Anti-Corruption”. Implementing new methods to put the power back into the hands of the people to make sure every voice is heard.

The Environment

Creating a “3-State Solution” to tackle Climate Change and address our out-of-control wild-fires.  Applying science to our environmental issues and focusing on solutions that can also bring economic growth.


Helping Oregonians lead a healthier lifestyle with the goal of being in the top-5 of states with the longest life-span. Helping seniors age with grace and supporting the power of women’s health.