Having a healthy real estate market is paramount to a strong and healthy economy.

Because a strong real estate market spreads success to other parts of the economy, it will be a major area of focus for my administration. In Oregon, when new homes are being built at a healthy pace, thousands of people are employed in a variety of industries. This also applies to the work of converting basements and garages into ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units). New housing also creates a market for thousands of new products to be sold. Daily. In addition, creating more housing brings in more tax dollars.

As Oregon’s governor I will do everything within my power to strengthen our real estate market while respecting the urban growth boundaries and sustainable green building practices.

Chain Reaction of Jobs

Imagine just one house being built. From this single project, there will be multiple contractors and sub-contractors employed. That alone is excellent. Let’s dig deeper. Those contractors will have to purchase wood, flooring, nails, electrical wires, plumbing gear, drywall, paint, kitchen cabinets, solar panels, energy-efficient items, tools, bathroom vanity, toilet, windows…etc. There are literally thousands of items that go into building a new home or building out an ADU. And by putting an emphasis on purchasing “made in Oregon” items such as kitchen cabinets, that cabinet maker hires more staff, all of whom are getting paid. Now multiply out that for every other product used to make a home and you’ve got a healthy economy working for many.

Incentives for First Time Home Buyers

As governor of Oregon, my administration will create incentives for first-time home buyers and look into reducing permit fees. There should be tax reductions for remodels and new-home builds that fall within the urban growth boundaries. This goal is to create a sustained momentum for a consistent and thriving real estate market.

Oregon Made Products

My administration will be placing an emphasis and incentives for purchasing as many Oregon-made products as possible in the construction sector.
IKEA, Home Depot, and Walmart are nice, but let’s not send all of our hard-earned paychecks out of our state’s economy when there is such talent right here at home. Supporting the local small business owners means your money stays in Oregon. Real estate can be a huge financial driving force for all parts of the economy in rural and urban Oregon communities.

On average, every 8 years a homeowner sells their home. To all of the homeowners out there, my goal is to keep your home value moving in a positive direction. By supporting a strong and thriving real estate market, there will be more cash in your pocket when that time comes for you to sell your home.

With my 15+ years of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, Oregon will be in safe hands.

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