Affordable Housing

  1. My administration will look into providing tax incentives and reducing permitting and zoning codes in order to encourage the development of lower-cost housing. If the research makes sense and is beneficial and fair, then that is what needs to be done. What types of affordable housing do I expect to see more of? Multifamily housing. Fully equipped Micro Units. Single-room occupancy with shared kitchen/bathroom. Accessory dwelling units/ADUs. Milepost 5 is a great example of affordable housing.
  2. Tiny Homes are a great solution for longer-term affordable living. They are comfy, cozy, charming and a great solution to help first-time home buyers get into the real estate market at an affordable price. Furthermore, tiny home construction will create a whole new industry of employment and job growth in itself.
  3. Creating more affordable housing specifically near major transit hubs can be beneficial.  This is the most cost-effective way for thousands of people without a car to safely get across the city to work, school or needed shopping. Building along transit lines can help to provide equity for all.
  4. Expanding growth and access to permanent RV parks. Increased availability for Oregonians to inexpensively park their RV, van, or even (in a more difficult scenario) their car would provide a safe space for those facing a difficult housing situation. Subsidized to those that qualify. Access to a centralized bathroom complete with showers and laundry is imperative for proper hygiene and will make it more likely that an individual will be able to continue working or searching for work.
  5. My administration will work hard to expand housing for low-income students by creating a Senior & Student Work & Live program. This program will assist thousands of students who are focusing on school and who cannot also earn a living income. With an emphasis of proper and diligent screening to cover liabilities, we can connect students to seniors. Students can have a private room in the home of a senior in exchange for basic household assistance to the senior. This is a healthy way to benefit both parties.

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