After-School Oregon

Oregon spends millions of dollars each year incarcerating juveniles. Let’s focus on prevention to help save our state millions. I plan on issuing an executive order for the creation of a new state office. After-School Oregon.

It has already been well-documented that after-school programs cut teen delinquency in half. After-school programs keep kids away from drug and alcohol use and are effective against depression, teen suicide and homelessness.

A dedicated agency specializing in greater efficiency of our after-school programs throughout Oregon is exactly what we need. A whole new level of thinking for our youth. We should adopt violence prevention services — such as street-based violence interruption work and emotional or trauma-related therapy.
After school and summer programming can increase youth school attendance and reduce contact with the criminal justice system.

Making After School Programs Interesting

Let’s develop after-school programs interesting enough that kids will be excited to join.

According to studies, risky teen behavior typically happens between 3-6pm. Let’s offer young Oregonians a safe and an exciting alternative to being on the streets.

New Avenues for Youth

Music, sports, arts, games and job training skills can be presented to kids in an interactive, creative and fun way.

Let’s look to top national and international after school programs to light the way with engagement and productivity as our goal.
A solid afterschool program is the surest way to help your child go into higher education and be a productive member of society.
We will be contacting each and every one of the 471 high schools and giving them a proven, effective working model.

How do we pay for expanding After-School Oregon?

Oregon’s Gigantic Graffiti Wall

Keeping kids off the street will also help with graffiti which is an unfortante by-product of kids looking for an outlet. My administration will be introducing the first of its kind, Oregon’s Gigantic Graffiti Wall.  Awesome!

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