Working with the elderly and creating opportunities for them to feel healthier in their bodies is important to me.


While researching Centenarians (people living to 100 and older) from around the world, I compiled a list of tips to them living very long, healthy and happy lives. With proper implementation, we can take this anecdotal information and create lifestyle options so Oregon can be the best state to grow old in!

My administration will consult with elderly lifestyle specialists and medical experts to create plans that will help more seniors age with grace.

My administration will focus on 6 areas of lifestyle improvement:

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Currently, Oregon ranks 15th in terms of life expectancy. We can do better. If living a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then we invite you to participate…

As governor, my administration will design an “Aging-With-Grace” interactive website so we can all learn more about how to do our part to support our seniors and offer them valuable resources.

Where you live often determines how well you live and your overall life expectancy. I want Oregonians to live longer and healthier lives while having fun in one of the best states in America.

Aging with Grace…it’s what Oregonians do.