As your governor, I will foster an environment of love and respect that listens to and supports Black, Indigenous and People of Color. BIPOC. A more equal Oregon is a more prosperous Oregon for us all.

Black-owned Businesses.

Our goal is to make it easier for start-ups to get the financial and legal assistance needed. I want to empower Black-owned companies to pursue land ownership. This is the model that my administration will be focusing on: Africatown Land Trust.

Due Promotion and Better Paying Positions

In businesses throughout Oregon, we can all do our part by advocating for BIPOC employees to receive due promotions and higher pay. Fixing pay disparity will be immensely beneficial to families.  It is a much needed and long overdue first step.

Reimagine Oregon

As governor I plan on bringing in organizers and leaders of Reimagine Oregon in order to go over every one of their policy demands and see what more needs to be done for them to come to fruition. Everything from education to transportation to community safety is on the table.

The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act

Black families have had to endure the worst in lending practices for decades. Redlining has had a direct impact on families across our nation.
Generations of failed inheritance ownership protection has dominantly affected Black landowners. Oregon needs to take part of the UPHPA

Prison Reform & Support for Job Training

As governor, addressing unfair prison sentences will be a priority. Many Black Oregonians have served disproportionate prison or jail sentences for drug possession and minor misdemeanor charges as compared to their white counterparts. We can reduce sentences and expunge convictions where appropriate. Getting unfairly sentenced Oregonians back into society with job skills and training so they can be productive family members is a good start. 

Police Accountability

More can and should be done regarding police accountability. I support Portland Measure 26-217.

Running for Office

I will do everything within my power to support and encourage Black people to run for political office.  Through increased representation, their voices can be heard and their political needs can be met. Government should work for all Oregonians.

Owning Real Estate

Becoming a homeowner is building a foundation for your future. This can create a positive ripple effect that will benefit Black families for future generations. 
My goal is to lay the groundwork and make it easier for Black families to own real estate through outreach.

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