Six Points of Homelessness

1. Research shows interventions to prevent homelessness are more cost effective than addressing issues after someone is already homeless. The longer a person is homeless, the harder and more expensive it to get them back in housing.
Clean-up, constant policing, ambulances and emergency rooms, crime, mental therapy and a long list of other reoccurring resources are costing our state millions. It’s time to be proactive.

2. Poverty, unemployment and a shortage of affordable housing. Those 3 issues are of utmost importance. There currently are administrative programs and social groups working relentlessly on this and I applaud them all. Thank you. It is very clear given our current situation that more needs to be done. My administration will engage in this matter right away.

3. Treating the homeless while still homeless is money poorly spent. They need a foundation on which to be nurtured. To rebuild from.
I believe we need to provide free long-term state or city-owned shelters with a full centralized sanitation station along with mental health or disability treatment, drug treatment and work training services to help give them that foundation to become a productive member of society. Well-built comfortable shelters can be made affordably and in large numbers. Getting them back on their feet is goal #1.

4. There will be those who will not accept the help needed to stay off the streets. For their own personal reasoning they will choose to remain homeless.
To those I say, please stay safe and acceptance of help. Oregon loves you. But it also must be stated: homeless encampments along residential streets, public parks or commercial walk-ways will no longer be tolerated. The trash that hangs around and is left behind will no longer be tolerated. Being drunk, belligerent or out of control in public will no longer be tolerated. I will work together with professional social workers and community advocates in order to make sure this will be a compassionate and benevolent process, but enforcement is a must in order for tax-paying residents to have any trust in Government.

5. We need to make it so Eugene and Portland are not so homeless-friendly. We can do this in a kind-hearted way, but it needs to be done. What we are seeing are homeless individuals from other states coming into Oregon’s big cities. This is not fair to our residents and our community. I will work with local leaders and together go over the laws and programs to confirm exactly what’s attracting the homeless to Oregon and what policies we can strengthen.

6. Higher Education. Mental Health. Drug Addiction. I strongly feel going into higher education immediately after high school is one of the most effective ways to reduce homelessness in the long run. As your governor, I will put a priority on raising the percentage of those going into higher education.
It has been proven that when a state allocates a higher percentage of its budget towards quality mental health treatment and services, it sees a lower percentage of mental health related costs and expenses on the back end. 
As governor I will offer better options for keeping healthy bodies and minds active so they do not turn to drugs out of desperation, hopelessness, and a desire to be numb. These options include the arts, sports, healthy lifestyle programs or creating more job opportunities. It is also essential to offer high-quality treatment for those dependent on drug use.

It is worth noting,  I will listen to the experts who have dedicated their lives to help end the homeless epidemic. These social angels who have spent years doing the research will be my advisors. 

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Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

Free Transit

One of the best ways we can create a united Oregon with equity for all is by having a free public transportation system throughout Oregon. Oregon’s bus and light rail system should work for everyone. Portland already ranks as one of the top cities with an excellent transportation system. Research has shown that when the transit system is free the community as a whole prospers. Local economies flourish. I would also recommend free wi-fi on public transportation as well. This is a great way to allow those individuals with longer travel times to get work done. Time lost is money lost.
Safety! Creating a safe environment for those riding our public transportation is paramount. Enforcing stricter laws for those riding the system who become violent or out of control will help to ensure public safety.

Encouraging Bike Travel

My administration will encourage bikes to be used as your main mode of transportation. This can increase health benefits, save money, reduce traffic, lessen air-pollution and slow climate change. Biking is a powerful tool of transportation.  

Congestion Pricing

One way around heavily congested areas is by using a method called Congestion Pricing. The study from Oregon’s Environmental Council has found that using this method of charging drivers who drive during the busiest times of the day should be charged a small fee. This will in turn immediately create less traffic during rush hour for those drivers who are able to drive during a different hour of the day.

Transportation Infrastructure

As revenue comes into our state I want to make sure that those dollars will be allocated to projects that help to repair our crumbling infrastructure as well as build for the future of tomorrow. Expanding public transportation.
Transportation infrastructure is absolutely key to a smooth running system.

Future of Transportation

I will not allow any Transportation Advisors onto my team who still believe that gas-powered cars will be the future of Oregon travel. It’s time we build for the future in terms of both the actual transportation and the good paying manufacturing jobs related to transportation components.

It’s time to start thinking about the future of transportation such as shared mobility, electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s time we connect rural and urban Oregon together with amazingly fast travel such as Hyperloop. Though more research needs to go into Hyperloop trasnportation before it becomes a reality, it’s time to be progresssive about the future of transportation.
It’s time we have the environment in mind while building out the future. Clean-energy-powered. Dirty emissions need to be a thing of the past.  It’s time we focus on individuals’ health with regards to transportation which include “Smart Cities” for walking and biking. The future is now and it’s time to go BIG!

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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

  1. My administration will look into providing tax incentives and reducing permitting and zoning codes in order to encourage the development of lower-cost housing. If the research makes sense and is beneficial and fair, then that is what needs to be done. What types of affordable housing do I expect to see more of? Multifamily housing. Fully equipped Micro Units. Single-room occupancy with shared kitchen/bathroom. Accessory dwelling units/ADUs. Milepost 5 is a great example of affordable housing.
  2. Tiny Homes are a great solution for longer-term affordable living. They are comfy, cozy, charming and a great solution to help first-time home buyers get into the real estate market at an affordable price. Furthermore, tiny home construction will create a whole new industry of employment and job growth in itself.
  3. Creating more affordable housing specifically near major transit hubs can be beneficial.  This is the most cost-effective way for thousands of people without a car to safely get across the city to work, school or needed shopping. Building along transit lines can help to provide equity for all.
  4. Expanding growth and access to permanent RV parks. Increased availability for Oregonians to inexpensively park their RV, van, or even (in a more difficult scenario) their car would provide a safe space for those facing a difficult housing situation. Subsidized to those that qualify. Access to a centralized bathroom complete with showers and laundry is imperative for proper hygiene and will make it more likely that an individual will be able to continue working or searching for work.
  5. My administration will work hard to expand housing for low-income students by creating a Senior & Student Work & Live program. This program will assist thousands of students who are focusing on school and who cannot also earn a living income. With an emphasis of proper and diligent screening to cover liabilities, we can connect students to seniors. Students can have a private room in the home of a senior in exchange for basic household assistance to the senior. This is a healthy way to benefit both parties.

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Black Lives Loved

Black Lives Loved

As your governor, I will foster an environment of love and respect that listens to and supports Black, Indigenous and People of Color. BIPOC. A more equal Oregon is a more prosperous Oregon for us all.

Black-owned Businesses.

Our goal is to make it easier for start-ups to get the financial and legal assistance needed. I want to empower Black-owned companies to pursue land ownership. This is the model that my administration will be focusing on: Africatown Land Trust.

Due Promotion and Better Paying Positions

In businesses throughout Oregon, we can all do our part by advocating for BIPOC employees to receive due promotions and higher pay. Fixing pay disparity will be immensely beneficial to families.  It is a much needed and long overdue first step.

Reimagine Oregon

As governor I plan on bringing in organizers and leaders of Reimagine Oregon in order to go over every one of their policy demands and see what more needs to be done for them to come to fruition. Everything from education to transportation to community safety is on the table.

The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act

Black families have had to endure the worst in lending practices for decades. Redlining has had a direct impact on families across our nation.
Generations of failed inheritance ownership protection has dominantly affected Black landowners. Oregon needs to take part of the UPHPA

Prison Reform & Support for Job Training

As governor, addressing unfair prison sentences will be a priority. Many Black Oregonians have served disproportionate prison or jail sentences for drug possession and minor misdemeanor charges as compared to their white counterparts. We can reduce sentences and expunge convictions where appropriate. Getting unfairly sentenced Oregonians back into society with job skills and training so they can be productive family members is a good start. 

Police Accountability

More can and should be done regarding police accountability. I support Portland Measure 26-217.

Running for Office

I will do everything within my power to support and encourage Black people to run for political office.  Through increased representation, their voices can be heard and their political needs can be met. Government should work for all Oregonians.

Owning Real Estate

Becoming a homeowner is building a foundation for your future. This can create a positive ripple effect that will benefit Black families for future generations. 
My goal is to lay the groundwork and make it easier for Black families to own real estate through outreach.

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Oregon’s Favorite

Oregon’s Favorite

The goal is simple: make Oregon one of the largest known art hubs in the United States.

Wouldn’t it be great if your government supported your creative ambitions and goals?
It’s time to take Oregon’s culture up to a whole new level. It’s time to bring our state together through the arts.

Introducing Oregon’s Favorite:

Oregon’s Favorite will be a new program created by my administration that showcases talented artists of every kind from within our state.

This dynamic cultural spotlight will provide daily entertainment to people all over the world.
The goal is simple: Make Oregon one of the largest online art hubs in the United States.

By showcasing home-grown talent, we can be inspired and entertained while supporting our fellow resident-artists make their dreams into a career.
Not only will Oregon’s Favorite be great for artists but also the multiple live venues that support them. By launching the largest marketing campaign in Oregon’s history, our eclectic mix of performing arts and entertainment venues can expect to see a boost in ticket sales and jobs.

Categories will include:

1. Favorite Band (drop-down menu of genres)
2. Favorite Short Film
3. Favorite Painter
4. Favorite DJ
5. Favorite Children’s Book
6. Favorite Musical
7. Favorite Movie
8. Favorite Documentary
9. Favorite Website Designer
10. Favorite Vocalist
11. Favorite Sculptor
12. Favorite Puppeteer
13. Favorite Graffiti Artist
14. Favorite Novelist
15. Favorite Rapper
16. Favorite Home Builder
17. Favorite Clothing Designer
18. Favorite Hat Designer
19. Favorite Stand-Up Comedian
20. Favorite Dancer
21. Favorite Hair Stylist
22. Favorite Monologue
23. Favorite Poet
24. Favorite Muralist
25. Favorite Magician
26. Favorite Landscape Designer
27. Favorite Record Producer
28. Favorite Sound Engineer
29. Favorite Game Designer
30. Favorite Woodworker
31. Favorite Tattoo Artist
32. Favorite Animator (2D&3D)

CLICK HERE to suggest additional categories.

Promote and Showcase for Unity

A Levy administration will heavily publicize Oregon’s Favorite to ensure tourists think of Oregon first when making their travel plans. Art venues, live entertainment, theatre, restaurants, nightlife, bars, hotels will all benefit. An economy that works together grows together.

I will always support artists as they dream big!
Oregon’s Favorite can bring Oregonians together through fun, entertainment, and culture.
Watch our political divisions fade away as we come together in collective appreciation of home-grown talent.

Let Oregon’s Favorite help to make a career out of your passion.

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Oregon’s Extreme Sports

Oregon’s Extreme Sports

Sports! Sports changed my life for the better. As governor, I want to bring our state together through extreme fun and excitement. To this end, my administration will create an online viewing channel featuring Oregonian athletes and/or Oregon-based extreme sports.

Oregonians. Love. Sports.

Baseball, football, basketball, soccer…our state’s love of these sports and our local teams are well-established. The Ducks and Beavers and Blazers and Timbers and Thorns aren’t going anywhere and we will continue to show these athletes support and community love!

Extreme Sports TV

Let’s also showcase AND celebrate our extreme sports! Uniting Oregonians with a little friendly competition through extreme sports is just good, clean, healthy fun.

Extreme Sports Showdown will be a network dedicated to non-stop extreme entertainment. Yes, you read that right. My administration will be creating  Extreme-Sports-Showdown TV (ESS-TV) for all Oregonians…and the world to enjoy.
The goal is simple: To unite Oregon as one through the love of sports.

Here are some extreme sports that will be featured:

My administration will promote extreme sports and its stars throughout the state to encourage all Oregonians to support these events and its athletes. It’s time for our extreme athletes to get the recognition deserved. It’s time to make our local stars shine bright.