Oregon Star Road

Oregon Star Road

My administration will Introduce the first ever Oregon Star Road.


Detailed Driving Map

The Oregon Star Road will be a detailed driving map in the shape of a star, well…kinda. The map will highlight points of interest all along our Star driving route. Our map will cover small rural areas, major cities, and everything in-between. The Oregon Star Road will stretch from north to south and from east to west enticing eager road-trippers to travel all across this beautiful state.

Get ready for the “Oregon-Star-Road” interactive map link on my administration’s dynamic website.

We will spend the necessary time fine-tuning this map to make many places known while keeping the “secret spots” … a secret. After all, some communities love their privacy meant only for the locals.

Places of Interest

The Oregon Star Road will focus on anything and everything: fishing spots, hot springs, beautiful hotels, delicious, local restaurants, gift shops, parks, river-front cabins, sight-seeing, camping, waterfalls, bed-n-breakfasts, art and music venues and some of the best shopping from our hidden-gem boutique stores. The goal is to highlight it all on the Oregon Star Road. This will be an easy-to-understand route and travel system for all visitors.

The Oregon Star Road will be marketed and promoted across the United States. Making Oregon a destination for road trips/tourism will greatly expand economic growth and create new jobs which will generate increased wealth and property values for our visited communities.

Economic Growth

In conjunction with supporting our local mom and pop shops, many small towns out in eastern Oregon and rural cities throughout the state will see a huge boon to their economy from their local places of interest as travelers pass through.

My administration will also put forward the Oregon-To-Japan Penpal Initiative to help attract more tourism on the Oregon Star Road. The Oregon-To-Japan Penpal Initiative alone can be a great boost to our states economy. 

Let’s grow our economy the fun way by investing in ourselves and our amazing Oregon recreation.

Pop in the music and hop on The Oregon Star Road.

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Mom and Pop Shop

Mom and Pop Shop

Let’s all give it up for the mom and pop shops of Oregon. There is nothing more important to the economy of Oregon and no bigger factor propping up our communities than our local, small businesses.

Small Businesses

As governor, I will be creating the first of its kind, Mom and Pop Shop Program. My administration will be making the biggest push in Oregon’s history to invest in, promote and support the local businesses.

This will be a much needed boost to help increase Oregon’s GDP by focusing on the retail small businesses. It will be my aim to bolster local neighborhood shops and new start-ups through constant promotion at a state-wide level. The momentum we build will have a profound and long-lasting effect on the success of our state’s economy. 

Professional Advisors

Led by proven, professional advisors we will develop a game plan that begins with modernizing the online presence of smaller retail spaces. My Oregon Retail Online program will use the power of the collective to bring greater attention to products offered by Oregon small businesses.

With a strong and Healthy Real Estate Market, contractors and builders will be encouraged to purchase their material from Oregon-made products. This will be a massive boost to our economy.

In addition, we will make it easier to start a new business by focusing attention on SBA loans which are not widely known but are available and should be taken advantage of with greater frequency.
My administration will aim to provide general and targeted tax and regulatory relief as well as financial assistance, tax incentives, technical assistance, and workforce development initiatives.

Nothing has proven better at keeping money flowing through a local community than shopping at your local businesses. If Oregonians can shift purchasing habits from national, mega-chains to small businesses or farmers markets than more money will remain in your local community.

Local Economy

Look at it this way. Let’s say you get paid $20 from working at a local donut shop. You use that $20 to buy lunch from a local street vendor. The street vendor uses that $20 to take a taxi home. Then that taxi driver uses the $20 to pay his babysitter. The babysitter uses that $20 to buy groceries at the local farmers market and so on.  You see…that one $20 bill just produced $100 of economic value that stayed within the community which is really good for the local economy.

Anywhere along that $20 bill’s journey it could have been spent at Walmart, Taco Bell or IKEA, and whoosh, the profits from your hard-earned money are siphoned directly out of Oregon and into the bank account of some millionaire stranger. Zero economic benefit to your small town and community.

Concerned about higher prices or smaller inventory? When you support local, those businesses will then have the resources to hire more staff, invest in a larger selection, reduce their prices or offer more frequent sales. Supporting local businesses is a win-win.

Anchor Stores

I understand that national, mega-chains are often important anchor stores to help a new community grow. They can also be franchised-owned by locals. Yes, they do provide employment and by no means am I suggesting Oregonians completely abandon them. They are important to a successful community. But when a resident exclusively or primarily shops at national, mega-chains…they are ultimately hurting themselves and their neighbors.

My administration will be doing everything in its power to create a very prosperous economy for all Oregonians. Support your local businesses. Mom-and-Pop Shops

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A Healthy Real Estate Market

A Healthy Real Estate Market

Having a healthy real estate market is paramount to a strong and healthy economy.

Because a strong real estate market spreads success to other parts of the economy, it will be a major area of focus for my administration. In Oregon, when new homes are being built at a healthy pace, thousands of people are employed in a variety of industries. This also applies to the work of converting basements and garages into ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units). New housing also creates a market for thousands of new products to be sold. Daily. In addition, creating more housing brings in more tax dollars.

As Oregon’s governor I will do everything within my power to strengthen our real estate market while respecting the urban growth boundaries and sustainable green building practices.

Chain Reaction of Jobs

Imagine just one house being built. From this single project, there will be multiple contractors and sub-contractors employed. That alone is excellent. Let’s dig deeper. Those contractors will have to purchase wood, flooring, nails, electrical wires, plumbing gear, drywall, paint, kitchen cabinets, solar panels, energy-efficient items, tools, bathroom vanity, toilet, windows…etc. There are literally thousands of items that go into building a new home or building out an ADU. And by putting an emphasis on purchasing “made in Oregon” items such as kitchen cabinets, that cabinet maker hires more staff, all of whom are getting paid. Now multiply out that for every other product used to make a home and you’ve got a healthy economy working for many.

Incentives for First Time Home Buyers

As governor of Oregon, my administration will create incentives for first-time home buyers and look into reducing permit fees. There should be tax reductions for remodels and new-home builds that fall within the urban growth boundaries. This goal is to create a sustained momentum for a consistent and thriving real estate market.

Oregon Made Products

My administration will be placing an emphasis and incentives for purchasing as many Oregon-made products as possible in the construction sector.
IKEA, Home Depot, and Walmart are nice, but let’s not send all of our hard-earned paychecks out of our state’s economy when there is such talent right here at home. Supporting the local small business owners means your money stays in Oregon. Real estate can be a huge financial driving force for all parts of the economy in rural and urban Oregon communities.

On average, every 8 years a homeowner sells their home. To all of the homeowners out there, my goal is to keep your home value moving in a positive direction. By supporting a strong and thriving real estate market, there will be more cash in your pocket when that time comes for you to sell your home.

With my 15+ years of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, Oregon will be in safe hands.

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Oregon Retail Online

Oregon Retail Online

Local brick-n-mortar retail shops have been impacted by online juggernauts such as Amazon and Ebay.
Storefronts all over Oregon have been affected by shopping online which some claim is easier and faster with delivery right to your doorstep.

Time to fight back!

As governor, under my administration, Oregon-made products from local stores will have a unique opportunity and be given an online advantage. We will be creating “Oregon Retail Online”. This will be an online shop similar to those large, online, mega-retailers but this endeavor will focus specifically on Oregon-made goods and products.

This will be a powerful, interactive website for all small Oregon retailers. Furthermore, my administration will greatly promote Oregon Retail Online across the US.The goal is simple: boost the sales of Oregon-made products and put more money into the pockets of our local retailers.

Your Online Retail Items

My administration will work with representatives from every county to help brick-n-mortar shops properly set up their online retail items. With an online shopping cart and fast delivery options available, your products can be quickly shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Promoting Your Business

Through a multitude of ways my administration is going to promote Oregon Retail Online as if our states economy depends on it. It’s time to support our local businesses and stop making billionaires richer.

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