A quick mind for Natural Disasters

Nobody knows when a natural disaster Is about to strike but it is important that those in leadership roles need to be ready at any moment of ever day.

I will be creating Oregon's first ever Natural Disaster Task force.
We need to have things in motion immediately after a natural disaster and we need a team dedicated and ready.

Even for disasters that Oregon my never expect such as a Tornado or 6 feet of snow or a major fire within the mass-populated urban boundaries. The climate is changing and we need to be ready for the known such as earthquakes, heat waves and ice storms but we must also be prepared for the unknown.

Before a disaster strikes, I will establish an emergency response team; compile essential emergency management information; and assess the state’s resources and capabilities for dealing with an emergency.

FEMA will be ready for us.

Governors guide for Natural Disasters

The Future of Crime Prevention

Creating jobs and fighting crime.
Crime prevention and manufacturing jobs can go hand in hand in Oregon. As governor I aim to give incentives for new manufacturers to come to Oregon to build the components that focus on crime prevention. My administration will vastly promote these items with one simple goal….let the criminals know that they will be held accountable for their crimes and they will be caught. The future of crime prevention will be robust under my watch. Technology is smarter then you. Crime rates will drop and public safety will be felt.

Lower Vehicle Theft.
My administration will work hard to ensure a lower percentage of stolen cars simply by using the future of technology and massively promoting this simply and effective device. Micro portable GPS tracker devices that individuals can secretly install within their car need to be more widely accessible. The percentage of stolen cars should dramatically drop. This goes with bikes, purses and expensive personal belongings as well. This chip will be small enough to easily hide from sight.

Walking Safe
By downloading a new customized app on to your phone, whenever an individual is walking in public and feeling unsafe, turn on this app and in real-time you will be recorded with the media going directly to crime prevention authorities. In a dark alley? Walking home alone? Answering the door to a stranger? A strange man confronts you? This is just an added layer of protection.

High-Speed Police Chases
They need to be a thing of the past. Those accelerated pursuits put so many lives at risk. Innocent bystanders in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thousands of deaths because of high speed chases, many of whom were innocent bystanders.
Once a car is laser marked (pinned) it cannot escape. Tag and Track. Once the suspect eventually stops they will be apprehended.

Produce For Security

Produce For Security

The amount that Oregon tax payers spend on feeding the homeless within homeless shelters as well as Oregon residents who are not food secure (being without access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food) is very high.
About 552,900 Oregonians are food insecure, of those 194,070 are children.
To me, that is unacceptable.

Feeding those who need it most

I would like to introduce a program to help lessen this problem.
For the first time in Oregon’s history I will be creating Oregon’s Produce Row. Strategically placed in low-income areas throughout Oregon.
This will comprise of land secured by the state (between 1-4 acres) and create a produce garden of fruit trees ( approx 200-fruit-bearing trees) and organic vegetables and berries to help feed those who are in need. A 3-acre plot of land can feed up to 2,000 households.
The financial cost to keep this going can be off-set from the money saved on feeding the homeless.

Detroit has a successful program similar to what I am proposing, Those will food insecurities are able to walk through and enjoy a fresh snack or have their dinner, at no cost to them. Excess food will be deliver to food pantries and places that need it.

Oregon should provide food assistance to anyone who needs it. Going to bed starving is close to torture. Healthy eating is the first step towards treating homelessness.
It is the compassionate thing to do. It is the right thing to do,

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The Future of Oregons Economy

The Future of Oregons Economy

Being proactive is smart. Using foresight and taking proactive measures is even smarter.

What will the United States and many other countries be using in greater quantity in the very near future?

Batteries and Desalination.

The need to create a high-powered battery to install on every home with solar is crucial. What good are solar panels if they stop working during a power outage?
What good is an electric car if you can only go as far as the battery takes you?
Creating super-fast charging batteries for electric cars IS THE FUTURE. Creating affordable batteries that can store the energy taken in by solar IS THE FUTURE.

I also feel the future of water usage will be through desalination plants. Taking ocean water, taking out the salt and distributing it across the US. Did you know that Israel and other middle-eastern countries gets roughly 50% of their drinking water from the ocean. They were proactive. They were smart.

Each year we are witnessing our local lakes and rivers shrink. Some dried lake beds are heartbreaking to look at. Water reservoirs continue to shrink in many big cities. I feel it is inevitable that we will need to resort to the waters of the oceans to feed our undeniable thirst for fresh drinking water.

Each and every single year the United States uses a larger % of water taken from the ocean thanks to the very small amounts of desalination plants in existence.

It’s time to be proactive and create an economic powerhouse for the state of Oregon. The future of technology.

Creating manufacturing plants in Oregon that specialize in these components will put Oregon on the map for generations to come. New high-paying jobs and an overall stronger economy will be good for everyone. A prosperous Oregon is a better Oregon for all its residents.

As your Governor I want Oregon to be proactive and think of what the future brings. Manufacturing of these specialized batteries AND creating the components used in desalination plants. We will absolutely become the king of manufacturing for the technologies of the future.

It’s BIGand BOLD and it’s just the smart thing to do.

The Anti-Poverty Lifestyle

This needs to me our #1 goal. This will change the lives of all who are struggling and suffering.
We must turn it around and make poverty a thing of the past in Oregon.
How can we accomplish this?

(Follow Yang for his talk on how the make this happen)  https://www.yangforny.com/policies

Hypocrite Republican Politicians

Hypocrite Republican Politicians

Let me give you some examples…

First, there was Pennsylvania pro-life Republican congressman, Tim Murphy who demanded that his mistress have an abortion while he co-sponsored anti-abortion bills.
Then there was Republican politician Lloyd Scott who paid to have his girlfriend have an abortion while openly railing against other women doing the same.
Let us not forget Tennessee Republican Scott Desjarlais who paid for his wife and a mistress to have abortions…while still having the gall to vote for anti-abortion bills.
Let’s also acknowledge Elliott Broidy, a Republican National Committee chairman who helped pay for his mistress to have an abortion.
These were only the politicians that have been caught. We can all be assured the list is long. Very long.

The elephant in the room also needs to be addressed. The 2016 Republican nominee who then became President of the United States was very much in favor of women having abortions…including partial birth abortions. He is on public record defending his stance. It was when he decided to run for President under the Republican platform did he change his stance.

I am not wanting to disrespect anyone’s view on this matter. Those who are pro-life should be taken serious and be given full respect on how they feel. You have my full respect. It just needs to be acknowledged that office-holding Republicans do not practice what they have come to preach and we must stop giving this political party the mantle holder of morality and a free pass on this subject.