Water pipeline across Oregon

Water pipeline across Oregon

We need to bring in fresh water all across eastern Oregon with a newly built pipeline direct from the Columbia River. This waterline can feed the drought stricken areas of eastern Oregon.

Water is Life.

With millions of galloins of water pouring directly into the ocean daily, the water from the Columbia River can be put to better use. Life-saving use. Job-saving use.

Dave Stauffer is the mastermind behind this amazing project. He has patented this idea, presented it to congress for funding and has worked out many of the kinks to turn this into a reality. Dave Stauffer is the person who I will be requesting to lead this project within my administration.

This water pipeline will have a direct positive impact on our states wildfires, the farms and the communities. When water can be immeidalty available it will have profound impacts.

It’s time we take climate change with absolute urgency. 

Oregon Innovation and Creation

Oregon Innovation and Creation

As Oregon’s Governor I will put a greater emphasis on innovation, creations, inventions and entrepreneurship.
Innovation and start-ups fuel our economic growth. Helping small businesses gain easier access to funding is the ultimate job creators. Creating a strong platform to the worlds market for inventors and creators will encouraging entrepreneurship.

Business Oregon and the Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) is such a powerful tool that so many of us should be taking advantage of. So why is it that if you ask around, most people are completely unaware of this great resource. The majority of Oregonians do not have a clue that the Oregon Innovation Council even exists. That will all soon change.

Under my administration Business Oregon will be the brightest beacon in the state, the spotlight for innovators to flock towards.

Mom and Pop Shop – song

Mom and Pop Shop – Song

Throwing down some love for the locally owned.  Spiderweb their economy and keep it home grown.
And not the mega chains, from New York to LA.

My neighbor got a grant. Opportunity. Emerging Small Business is community.
Who’s your local boutique? Craftsman or coffee-shop?
Support your local business – Mom and Pop Shop

My local farmer friend grew some sugar snap peas. It fed his whole family plus the city.
And then came a corporate man – “LET ME RIP UP YOUR LAND!”

I’ll build a shopping mall with the 10 biggest stores. Wipe you all out and push you out the door.

Whatcha got so bring it on, our local stores are staying strong.
Whatcha got so bring it on, our local stores are staying strong.
Support your local business – Mom and Pop Shop. 

– Written by Kevin Levy
– Performed by The Revolution Choir
Protected under Copyright Law
© 2017 – Kevin Levy – All Rights reserved


Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative

Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative

Oregon is inclusive of all visitors and tourists from all parts of the world. We love you all and welcome EVERYONE with open arms. As someone who loves to travel, I would like to set up a program that makes it easier to do exactly that. One country at a time. A great place to start would be our friendly neighbors directly across the Pacific Ocean.


Once in office, my administration will be creating the Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative. We will be reaching out to the proper official channels in Japan to set up a cooperative network where both Oregonians and Japanese can easily start a friendly dialog to plant the seeds for a healthy pen-pal friendship and a future visit. Individual to individual or family to family.

Oregon to Japan

The goal is simple: to create an easy process to take advantage of an international travel program from Oregon to Japan. I want all Oregonians to have an opportunity to travel to Japan with the coordinated effort from both of our governments making it straightforward with provided itinerary and simple-to-follow travel/guidebooks. Being introduced into the culture and lifestyle of Japan is life changing in so many ways. Their food is delicious and sightseeing is beyond spectacular.

A Boost To Oregon’s Economy

With the help from their Government, promoting the Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative throughout Japan will make it a smooth process for the Japanese to visit Oregon to see our beautiful state. Travel the Oregon Star Road and stay at our hotels, enjoy our arts and live entertainment, eat at our amazing restaurants and purchase gifts from our stores. This will be a huge boost to our state’s economy from the large amount of new tourism. The Japanese love to spend and Oregonians have so many great places of interest and so many great products to market. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Free Place To Stay

The added bonus of making a friendly pen pal is you (and they) now have a free place to stay during each other’s visit, a home base to come back to during your travel adventure across their country.
This will greatly reduce the cost of your travel expenditures making this adventure more palatable. Furthermore, you now have a new friend who can recommend some of the hidden gems that no tour books would ever know about.


My administration will be consulting with our state legislature to set up a grant program to award many of our less financially able residents the opportunity to be a part in this amazing program.

Travel the World

I cannot express enough how important and fulfilling it is to get out and see the world.
With 195 countries they are all worth seeing. They are all beautiful.
But to start off, Japan is such a great starting point.
Direct flights back and forth from our very own Portland International Airport makes our Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative even easier to manage.


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D&D Tax

D&D Tax

Does an industry or product cause Death & Destruction or dirty our state?
If yes then it needs to be further taxed.

Oregonians are Paying For It

Why should Oregonians front the bill for companies whose main product causes death, destruction or it dirties our state.

We are spending hundreds of millions of our hard working tax dollars to front the bill for these companies causing this damage.

Why should they be exempt when it is directly related to them? It is completely unfair to all Oregonians and it makes no sense at all.

Who Are These Companies?

Oregon Manufacturers that make single use-plastics or 1-time disposable items need to be taxed.
These manufactures/companies creates excessive amounts of waste or trash. In just one day alone it is unbelieveable at the amount of waste that is created and it is completely unsustainable. Watch what happens when these companies become taxed because of their wasteful products. The will then care about their bottom line and create products that create no waste. Cups and packing foam made out of plant material that will dissolve over a short period of time. That is the future. As your leader I will help to foster a new age of absolute bare minimum waste from these companies.

Any company that spews large amounts of pollution into the air, ground or water will be taxed. Factories along rivers or in cities who’s pollutants are being emitted are unsustainable and they are slowly killing us. These factories or companies need to be taxed to the point where they will be forced to install new technology and a new age of pollution control

If an items is causing death, destruction, diabities or it dirties our state they need to be held accountable.
Items expected to be taxed even further. Tobacco. Firearms. Alcohol. Explosives. Super-Junk foods. Extremely high-sugar Sodas/drinks and Gas. E-Cigarettes. Be aware, any politician who is fighting back against taxing these items are possibly getting re-election campaign donations directly to them or their political party. They should not be trusted when speaking on this matter. Open Secrets will let you know.

Manage Your Waste

Garbage. Yes…at a point, garbage will be taxed. People should be taxed for the amount of garbage they produce over a certain amount. Our landfills are not infinite and we are slowly and surely trashing our great state and killing our planet. As our population grows, millions of tons of garbage are being thrown into our landfills and it is not sustainable. We need to take this matter into our own hands. Something absolutely needs be done and we ourselves are the solution.

There are many family households who produce as little as 1 garbage bin every month…some even create zero waste.
When purchasing they focus on items that can be recycled or composted. Oregon’s goal is 1 garbage bin per month. It’s easy and doable. This of course should be adjusted based on household size.
The only way to help people learn the proper way of composting and recycling is by taxing their way towards education….and then watch their taxes drop. It’s within their power to lower their own taxes. One 65-gallon garbage bin per month.
As our population grows, continually trashing our state is no longer an option.
This plan is a win-win on so many levels.


Pay For It

Pay For It

How to pay for the many ambitious goals my administration is setting out to achieve is important to know.

No More Higher Property Taxes

The last thing that anybody wants is higher property taxes. We already pay enough and that idea is not on the table.
Creating a sales tax is a non-starter.

There are other ways to pay for things that will greatly benefit our state.
With a new administration comes new ideas and a new set of eyes.

~ The Oregon Star Road will massively stimulate our state economy bringing in huge revenue from tourism.

~ Creating a D&D tax will bring in millions into our state economy.

~ Growing our real estate market and cutting red tape to allow more construction will bring in millions from new property taxes.

~ Shutting down illegal drug manufacturers will save our state millions allowing those funds to be better spent.

~ Creating a healthier state with less sickness can save our state millions annually. Living a healthy lifestyle makes smart financial sense for both you and our state.

~ The Oregon-To-Japan Pen Pal Initiative will be a great boost to our ecomony.

~ Combating wildfires while still in their infancy stages will save our state hundreds of millions annually.

~ Taking advantage of the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes from cannabis sales will create many opportunities.

~ A more robust talent and entertainment sector can add millions to our state’s economy.

~Thoroughly auditing our state departments and looking for where money is unnecessarily being wasted.

~ Millions of dollars get sucked through unnecessary loopholes. With a new administration comes a new set of eyes.

My administration has plans to bring in millions into our state budget as well as save our state millions. This will all help to pay for our ambitious plans to create a new and united Oregon.

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