Creating jobs and fighting crime.
Crime prevention and manufacturing jobs can go hand in hand in Oregon. As governor I aim to give incentives for new manufacturers to come to Oregon to build the components that focus on crime prevention. My administration will vastly promote these items with one simple goal….let the criminals know that they will be held accountable for their crimes and they will be caught. The future of crime prevention will be robust under my watch. Technology is smarter then you. Crime rates will drop and public safety will be felt.

Lower Vehicle Theft.
My administration will work hard to ensure a lower percentage of stolen cars simply by using the future of technology and massively promoting this simply and effective device. Micro portable GPS tracker devices that individuals can secretly install within their car need to be more widely accessible. The percentage of stolen cars should dramatically drop. This goes with bikes, purses and expensive personal belongings as well. This chip will be small enough to easily hide from sight.

Walking Safe
By downloading a new customized app on to your phone, whenever an individual is walking in public and feeling unsafe, turn on this app and in real-time you will be recorded with the media going directly to crime prevention authorities. In a dark alley? Walking home alone? Answering the door to a stranger? A strange man confronts you? This is just an added layer of protection.

High-Speed Police Chases
They need to be a thing of the past. Those accelerated pursuits put so many lives at risk. Innocent bystanders in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thousands of deaths because of high speed chases, many of whom were innocent bystanders.
Once a car is laser marked (pinned) it cannot escape. Tag and Track. Once the suspect eventually stops they will be apprehended.