Does an industry or product cause Death & Destruction or dirty our state?
If yes then it needs to be further taxed.

Oregonians are Paying For It

Why should Oregonians front the bill for companies whose main product causes death, destruction or it dirties our state.

We are spending hundreds of millions of our hard working tax dollars to front the bill for these companies causing this damage.

Why should they be exempt when it is directly related to them? It is completely unfair to all Oregonians and it makes no sense at all.

Who Are These Companies?

Oregon Manufacturers that make single use-plastics or 1-time disposable items need to be taxed.
These manufactures/companies creates excessive amounts of waste or trash. In just one day alone it is unbelieveable at the amount of waste that is created and it is completely unsustainable. Watch what happens when these companies become taxed because of their wasteful products. The will then care about their bottom line and create products that create no waste. Cups and packing foam made out of plant material that will dissolve over a short period of time. That is the future. As your leader I will help to foster a new age of absolute bare minimum waste from these companies.

Any company that spews large amounts of pollution into the air, ground or water will be taxed. Factories along rivers or in cities who’s pollutants are being emitted are unsustainable and they are slowly killing us. These factories or companies need to be taxed to the point where they will be forced to install new technology and a new age of pollution control

If an items is causing death, destruction, diabities or it dirties our state they need to be held accountable.
Items expected to be taxed even further. Tobacco. Firearms. Alcohol. Explosives. Super-Junk foods. Extremely high-sugar Sodas/drinks and Gas. E-Cigarettes. Be aware, any politician who is fighting back against taxing these items are possibly getting re-election campaign donations directly to them or their political party. They should not be trusted when speaking on this matter. Open Secrets will let you know.

Manage Your Waste

Garbage. Yes…at a point, garbage will be taxed. People should be taxed for the amount of garbage they produce over a certain amount. Our landfills are not infinite and we are slowly and surely trashing our great state and killing our planet. As our population grows, millions of tons of garbage are being thrown into our landfills and it is not sustainable. We need to take this matter into our own hands. Something absolutely needs be done and we ourselves are the solution.

There are many family households who produce as little as 1 garbage bin every month…some even create zero waste.
When purchasing they focus on items that can be recycled or composted. Oregon’s goal is 1 garbage bin per month. It’s easy and doable. This of course should be adjusted based on household size.
The only way to help people learn the proper way of composting and recycling is by taxing their way towards education….and then watch their taxes drop. It’s within their power to lower their own taxes. One 65-gallon garbage bin per month.
As our population grows, continually trashing our state is no longer an option.
This plan is a win-win on so many levels.