Many years back I lost a good friend to senseless gun violence. It took several years for me to process that tragedy. John was a bright man who had a bright future ahead of him. It was all taken away from him and his family because someone was easily able to get his hands on an unlicensed gun.

As governor, I will always support common sense gun laws.

  • All guns and gun owners must be licensed.
  • No firearms shall be sold to ex-felons who have committed murder or violent crimes.
  • No firearms shall be sold to the mentally ill or suspected terrorists.
  • Ban on bump stocks and assault weapons.
  • No guns shall be sold without a background check.
  • Loopholes allowing citizens to easily purchase guns bypassing accountability will be closed.

majority of Oregonians support these simple gun rights measures.

Gun Owners

I recognize there are many licensed gun owners in Oregon. It is not my place to deny you that right.
I will support the right for you to bear arms for the safety and protection of you and your family.
I will support your right to hunt.
I will support your right to be a gun collector of some of the most fascinating relics of history.
I will not be coming after your legal firearms. They are yours to keep.

Conflict of Interest

My administration will not turn a blind eye to conflicts of interest surrounding the issue of gun safety. It is the ultimate form of corruption when the gun industry can spend millions to get an unqualified candidate elected solely because he or she will always vote in favor of the gun industry and vote against common sense gun laws.
My administration will demand transparency from any elected representative who takes campaign contributions from the NRA, gun industry, or any members of the gun lobby.  It should be acknowledged as a conflict of interest to ever vote on any bills or laws pertaining to gun safety or firearms in any way if you have taken their money.
Accepting money from the very industry you are creating laws for should be illegal.

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