Let me give you some examples…

First, there was Pennsylvania pro-life Republican congressman, Tim Murphy who demanded that his mistress have an abortion while he co-sponsored anti-abortion bills.
Then there was Republican politician Lloyd Scott who paid to have his girlfriend have an abortion while openly railing against other women doing the same.
Let us not forget Tennessee Republican Scott Desjarlais who paid for his wife and a mistress to have abortions…while still having the gall to vote for anti-abortion bills.
Let’s also acknowledge Elliott Broidy, a Republican National Committee chairman who helped pay for his mistress to have an abortion.
These were only the politicians that have been caught. We can all be assured the list is long. Very long.

The elephant in the room also needs to be addressed. The 2016 Republican nominee who then became President of the United States was very much in favor of women having abortions…including partial birth abortions. He is on public record defending his stance. It was when he decided to run for President under the Republican platform did he change his stance.

I am not wanting to disrespect anyone’s view on this matter. Those who are pro-life should be taken serious and be given full respect on how they feel. You have my full respect. It just needs to be acknowledged that office-holding Republicans do not practice what they have come to preach and we must stop giving this political party the mantle holder of morality and a free pass on this subject.