Knowledge is Power

As governor, my administration will make higher education a top priority for Oregon. It is of utmost importance that we increase both the number of graduating high school seniors AND the number of high school graduates moving into higher education.

Going into higher education immediately after high school should be as seamless as going from middle-school into high-school.

Oregon college curriculum should be updated as well. These schools should focus more on essential life and job skills.

The Importance of Higher Education

Oregonians who pursue education beyond high school are statistically less likely to stay out of prison than those who do not. They are also more likely to live longer and healthy lives and have fewer mental health issues. In addition, higher education dramatically decreases an individual’s chances of being homeless. Those who attend college are more likely to have a prosperous life, better jobs, higher pay and more opportunity.

So the question is, why aren’t we offering free education beyond high school? 

FREE Education

There was a time in the United States when there was a cost to attend a Public school… a public high school. Only the wealthy could take advantage of such an important social service. During that time many congressmen fought to keep it a paid service. Can you imagine if that was still the case? Paying for our children to attend middle school and high school seems like a great way to dumb down a nation. 

Believe it or not, there are still some in Congress today who have this archaic mind-set of advocating against public funding for our children to have a thorough and complete education. A higher education. Apparently 12 years of tuition free public schools is where they draw the line for the amount of education an individual should take in…but when you add 4 more years of extrememly important higher education it suddenly becomes too much.

Higher education provides a solid foundation for critical thinking skills. And that’s exactly what is needed to vote archaic mind frames out of office.


Investing in Our Future

Investing in our young adults will benefit Oregonians in innumerable ways. The same is true of creating better After School programs which will pave the way towards higher education. It makes complete financial sense and it’s the right thing to do. In the richest nation on earth, higher education should be a right for everybody, not a privilege for the few. 

As governor, raising the high school graduation rate AND raising the percentage of those going into higher education will be my top mission. Nothing comes close.

To the Naysayers

Since it is proven that those who go into higher education make more money, live longer, healthier and happier lives, are less likely to be homeless, depressed, suicidal, commit crimes or be in the prison system, we must question why anyone would oppose offering a free higher education. Why would you prefer a less educated Oregon?

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