As governor I will introduce the first ever Lieutenant Youth Governor of Oregon.

To all adult Oregonians, let’s try to be better listeners. It is important that we hear the concerns of Oregon’s youth. How can we know what is happening in their lives if we don’t ask? What is important to them? What issues and concerns do they have?

Outreach to all High Schools 

My administration will connect with all 471 Oregon high schools, giving them a detailed blueprint so that every student who is interested in participating at the chance to be Oregon’s first lieutenant youth governor can easily do so.

Each interested student will explain their top 3 concerns and issues affecting them and their peers as well as how they would want to go about addressing them. We will be looking for realistic and creative solutions and good critical thinking.

There will be 36 finalists (one in each county). And eventually, one lieutenant youth governor of Oregon.

Liutenant Youth Governor of Oregon

Though this will not be an official position, the Lieutenant Youth Governor will play an integral part of taking their concerns and addressing into fruition…with the help of our administration, of course.

We want our youth engaged now to help them build a better tomorrow.

YMCA Youth and Government 

I applaud the YMCA for creating a nationwide youth and government Program. This nationwide leadership program is so great at bringing young adults into our political system. But we need to take it to another level, a more direct and interactive way to hear the voices of our young adults and the current issues they face from every county in Oregon.

Celebration Party

All remaining 35 finalists and their families will be invited to the Governor’s Mansion to be recognized and to celebrate each and every beautiful mind and brilliant idea.

But most importantly, elected representatives from each and every one of the 35 finalists’ counties will be required to be made aware of those issues and concerns from those young adults they are representing. Action and accountability needs to happen. There’s work to be done.

To the Youth of Oregon

Your voices will be heard and your concerns will be addressed. 

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