Feeling Healthy

What good is a governor if they are not doing everything in their power to help its residents live longer, healthier lives? To me, nothing is more important than making sure each Oregonian is as healthy as they can be.


As governor I plan on issuing an executive order making the declaration for the formation of a new state office, Live Longer Oregon.
This robust and in-depth department will be available to all Oregonians who are interested. Never a mandate. Only healthy helpful suggestions.
I will be alongside top medical specialists and experts as we walk Oregonians through simple and easy steps to help lead a healthy and long life, both physically and mentally. We can do this together.

The goal is simple: Add more healthy years to your life.

Did you know that Oregon ranks 15th for overall life expectancy?
To me that is unacceptable. The financial drain on both the patient, their family and the state is astronomical.
It is a very achievable goal for Oregon to be in the top 5 of states with the longest and healthiest lifespan. With that comes a more prosperous Oregon.


Why am I so passionate about health? I’ve had too many friends die young or middle-aged from preventable illnesses.

I recently visited my 42-year old best friend while getting treatment at an Oregon chemotherapy lab. I was shocked to walk in and see an entire room filled with people in their 30’s and 40’s all hooked up to these chemo machines for cancer treatment. Many had a look of crushing sadness in their eyes. My best friend did not live another year. I often think about these same rooms all across the US and the overwhelming heartache families must be going through.

As your governor, I will oversee the development of this Live Longer Oregon state office. Under my watch, it will be my goal to have more Oregonians living longer and healthier lives.

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