Holding Politicians Accountable
There is one thing that unites ALL Oregonians – nobody wants corrupt politicians making laws for us. Most agree that getting money out of politics is the first step in preventing political corruption.

Money in Politics
Currently the pharmaceutical and oil industry, firearm manufacturers and other multi-billion dollar corporations are allowed to spend whatever is necessary to purchase political influence.

Money Influences Decisions
Did you know if new environmental laws are created that will affect the huge profits of the oil industry?

Their goal is to spend unlimited amounts of money to get a very specific and unqualified candidate elected into congress order to oppose those profit-losing laws? These corrupt politicians  are purchased and controlled by the corporations that got them elected. They will ignore science and ignore the voice of the people and often serve their master…those that spent millions to get them elected.

To be very clear, I am not stating that any Oregon politician is corrupt or being influenced by money. I feel Oregon has some good politicians fighting to get money out of politics. I applaud them. I am writing this article as a broad stroke towards many politicians across the US.
Let’s start right here in Oregon by getting money out of politics and showing the US how it can be done.

100% Funded by People
How do we get past money in politics? We could take care of this issue in a single election cycle if we all acted together. Let’s only vote for candidates who are 100% supported by individuals.  When someone is 100% funded by the people then they are 100% working for the people and will have no conflicts of interest.

Star Emblem
As your Governor, it will be my recommendation that we implement the Star Emblem system. It goes something like this:
If a candidate running for office is 100% small donor public financed then that candidate will receive a *Star Emblem* next to their name on the voting pamphlet. That star will represent confidence and trust in our politicians.

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