A Career from Creativity

As Governor, I want to increase opportunities for artists to thrive.  By creating additional avenues for artists to sell their craft, more Oregonians will be able to make a financial career out of their passion. Our state has the opportunity to become a major hub of entertainment and our goal is to be welcoming to artists from every genre. The creative sector is extremely important to our states exonomy.

I propose developing Oregon’s Favorite as a springboard which talented Oregonians use to propel themselves towards success.

When I think of the arts, I am reminded of a time when I walked into the home of a politically active friend who was NOT in favor of giving more money for arts and music education in our schools. He said, those are programs, “we can’t afford to give more assistance to.”  It was then that I noticed the beautiful art on the walls of his home. His living room was decorated with a lovely sculpture of a horse. In his kitchen, he had music playing in the background. The bookshelves of his home were full of all sorts of literature.
Music and art are in our blood. They are a part of our every day and they make us who we are.

Art Makes us Healthy. Music Makes us Happy

When art and music flourish, a community becomes healthier and happier. Participation in art or music decreases mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.  Art and music programs in our school should be a priority for our children. Money spent to support creative outlets for children is never money wasted.

I will support subsidies, tax breaks, and/or financial incentives for live music venues, art galleries, theaters, local-artist displays, film and musical production, Oregon authors, painters, and movie set producers… and all other forms and styles of creative art.

I encourage all creative Oregonians to check out the proposal I set forth in my Oregon’s Favorite initiative.  Think about ways you can participate in and broaden our outreach to artists of all kinds.

Music in Schools

How important is keeping music education flourishing in our schools?

Music is Science. Music is Mathematical. Music is a Foreign Language. Music is History. Music is Physical Education. Music is Creative Expression. Music Requires Research. Music is International.

Teach a kid music and you are teaching a kid the world.

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