My administration will Introduce the first ever Oregon Star Road.


Detailed Driving Map

The Oregon Star Road will be a detailed driving map in the shape of a star, well…kinda. The map will highlight points of interest all along our Star driving route. Our map will cover small rural areas, major cities, and everything in-between. The Oregon Star Road will stretch from north to south and from east to west enticing eager road-trippers to travel all across this beautiful state.

Get ready for the “Oregon-Star-Road” interactive map link on my administration’s dynamic website.

We will spend the necessary time fine-tuning this map to make many places known while keeping the “secret spots” … a secret. After all, some communities love their privacy meant only for the locals.

Places of Interest

The Oregon Star Road will focus on anything and everything: fishing spots, hot springs, beautiful hotels, delicious, local restaurants, gift shops, parks, river-front cabins, sight-seeing, camping, waterfalls, bed-n-breakfasts, art and music venues and some of the best shopping from our hidden-gem boutique stores. The goal is to highlight it all on the Oregon Star Road. This will be an easy-to-understand route and travel system for all visitors.

The Oregon Star Road will be marketed and promoted across the United States. Making Oregon a destination for road trips/tourism will greatly expand economic growth and create new jobs which will generate increased wealth and property values for our visited communities.

Economic Growth

In conjunction with supporting our local mom and pop shops, many small towns out in eastern Oregon and rural cities throughout the state will see a huge boon to their economy from their local places of interest as travelers pass through.

My administration will also put forward the Oregon-To-Japan Penpal Initiative to help attract more tourism on the Oregon Star Road. The Oregon-To-Japan Penpal Initiative alone can be a great boost to our states economy. 

Let’s grow our economy the fun way by investing in ourselves and our amazing Oregon recreation.

Pop in the music and hop on The Oregon Star Road.

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