Oregon is inclusive of all visitors and tourists from all parts of the world. We love you all and welcome EVERYONE with open arms. As someone who loves to travel, I would like to set up a program that makes it easier to do exactly that. One country at a time. A great place to start would be our friendly neighbors directly across the Pacific Ocean.


Once in office, my administration will be creating the Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative. We will be reaching out to the proper official channels in Japan to set up a cooperative network where both Oregonians and Japanese can easily start a friendly dialog to plant the seeds for a healthy pen-pal friendship and a future visit. Individual to individual or family to family.

Oregon to Japan

The goal is simple: to create an easy process to take advantage of an international travel program from Oregon to Japan. I want all Oregonians to have an opportunity to travel to Japan with the coordinated effort from both of our governments making it straightforward with provided itinerary and simple-to-follow travel/guidebooks. Being introduced into the culture and lifestyle of Japan is life changing in so many ways. Their food is delicious and sightseeing is beyond spectacular.

A Boost To Oregon’s Economy

With the help from their Government, promoting the Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative throughout Japan will make it a smooth process for the Japanese to visit Oregon to see our beautiful state. Travel the Oregon Star Road and stay at our hotels, enjoy our arts and live entertainment, eat at our amazing restaurants and purchase gifts from our stores. This will be a huge boost to our state’s economy from the large amount of new tourism. The Japanese love to spend and Oregonians have so many great places of interest and so many great products to market. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Free Place To Stay

The added bonus of making a friendly pen pal is you (and they) now have a free place to stay during each other’s visit, a home base to come back to during your travel adventure across their country.
This will greatly reduce the cost of your travel expenditures making this adventure more palatable. Furthermore, you now have a new friend who can recommend some of the hidden gems that no tour books would ever know about.


My administration will be consulting with our state legislature to set up a grant program to award many of our less financially able residents the opportunity to be a part in this amazing program.

Travel the World

I cannot express enough how important and fulfilling it is to get out and see the world.
With 195 countries they are all worth seeing. They are all beautiful.
But to start off, Japan is such a great starting point.
Direct flights back and forth from our very own Portland International Airport makes our Oregon-to-Japan Pen Pal Initiative even easier to manage.


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