Sports! Sports changed my life for the better. As governor, I want to bring our state together through extreme fun and excitement. To this end, my administration will create an online viewing channel featuring Oregonian athletes and/or Oregon-based extreme sports.

Oregonians. Love. Sports.

Baseball, football, basketball, soccer…our state’s love of these sports and our local teams are well-established. The Ducks and Beavers and Blazers and Timbers and Thorns aren’t going anywhere and we will continue to show these athletes support and community love!

Extreme Sports TV

Let’s also showcase AND celebrate our extreme sports! Uniting Oregonians with a little friendly competition through extreme sports is just good, clean, healthy fun.

Extreme Sports Showdown will be a network dedicated to non-stop extreme entertainment. Yes, you read that right. My administration will be creating  Extreme-Sports-Showdown TV (ESS-TV) for all Oregonians…and the world to enjoy.
The goal is simple: To unite Oregon as one through the love of sports.

Here are some extreme sports that will be featured:

My administration will promote extreme sports and its stars throughout the state to encourage all Oregonians to support these events and its athletes. It’s time for our extreme athletes to get the recognition deserved. It’s time to make our local stars shine bright.