The goal is simple: make Oregon one of the largest known art hubs in the United States.

Wouldn’t it be great if your government supported your creative ambitions and goals?
It’s time to take Oregon’s culture up to a whole new level. It’s time to bring our state together through the arts.

Introducing Oregon’s Favorite:

Oregon’s Favorite will be a new program created by my administration that showcases talented artists of every kind from within our state.

This dynamic cultural spotlight will provide daily entertainment to people all over the world.
The goal is simple: Make Oregon one of the largest online art hubs in the United States.

By showcasing home-grown talent, we can be inspired and entertained while supporting our fellow resident-artists make their dreams into a career.
Not only will Oregon’s Favorite be great for artists but also the multiple live venues that support them. By launching the largest marketing campaign in Oregon’s history, our eclectic mix of performing arts and entertainment venues can expect to see a boost in ticket sales and jobs.

Categories will include:

1. Favorite Band (drop-down menu of genres)
2. Favorite Short Film
3. Favorite Painter
4. Favorite DJ
5. Favorite Children’s Book
6. Favorite Musical
7. Favorite Movie
8. Favorite Documentary
9. Favorite Website Designer
10. Favorite Vocalist
11. Favorite Sculptor
12. Favorite Puppeteer
13. Favorite Graffiti Artist
14. Favorite Novelist
15. Favorite Rapper
16. Favorite Home Builder
17. Favorite Clothing Designer
18. Favorite Hat Designer
19. Favorite Stand-Up Comedian
20. Favorite Dancer
21. Favorite Hair Stylist
22. Favorite Monologue
23. Favorite Poet
24. Favorite Muralist
25. Favorite Magician
26. Favorite Landscape Designer
27. Favorite Record Producer
28. Favorite Sound Engineer
29. Favorite Game Designer
30. Favorite Woodworker
31. Favorite Tattoo Artist
32. Favorite Animator (2D&3D)

CLICK HERE to suggest additional categories.

Promote and Showcase for Unity

A Levy administration will heavily publicize Oregon’s Favorite to ensure tourists think of Oregon first when making their travel plans. Art venues, live entertainment, theatre, restaurants, nightlife, bars, hotels will all benefit. An economy that works together grows together.

I will always support artists as they dream big!
Oregon’s Favorite can bring Oregonians together through fun, entertainment, and culture.
Watch our political divisions fade away as we come together in collective appreciation of home-grown talent.

Let Oregon’s Favorite help to make a career out of your passion.

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