How to pay for the many ambitious goals my administration is setting out to achieve is important to know.

No More Higher Property Taxes

The last thing that anybody wants is higher property taxes. We already pay enough and that idea is not on the table.
Creating a sales tax is a non-starter.

There are other ways to pay for things that will greatly benefit our state.
With a new administration comes new ideas and a new set of eyes.

~ The Oregon Star Road will massively stimulate our state economy bringing in huge revenue from tourism.

~ Creating a D&D tax will bring in millions into our state economy.

~ Growing our real estate market and cutting red tape to allow more construction will bring in millions from new property taxes.

~ Shutting down illegal drug manufacturers will save our state millions allowing those funds to be better spent.

~ Creating a healthier state with less sickness can save our state millions annually. Living a healthy lifestyle makes smart financial sense for both you and our state.

~ The Oregon-To-Japan Pen Pal Initiative will be a great boost to our ecomony.

~ Combating wildfires while still in their infancy stages will save our state hundreds of millions annually.

~ Taking advantage of the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes from cannabis sales will create many opportunities.

~ A more robust talent and entertainment sector can add millions to our state’s economy.

~Thoroughly auditing our state departments and looking for where money is unnecessarily being wasted.

~ Millions of dollars get sucked through unnecessary loopholes. With a new administration comes a new set of eyes.

My administration has plans to bring in millions into our state budget as well as save our state millions. This will all help to pay for our ambitious plans to create a new and united Oregon.

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