It’s time for Oregonians to have more say on what is goes on within their communities.

Give Power BACK to the People

Amendments are a great way to tackle issues at the state level. But they are sometime difficult to get on the ballot, and elections are too infrequent to keep up with the needs of our diverse communities. That’s why I’m looking for a quicker and more direct way for Oregonians to get things done…

Power To The People

As your governor I will introduce a ground-breaking Power To The People program.
This will allow Oregon residents to suggest new ideas and major concerns about their home counties for quicker redress. This will be a direct administrative portal that will acknowledge and represent all 36 counties respectively since concerns and topics will vary greatly between places like Multnomah County and Malheur County. 

Real-Time Input

Submitted entries into Power to the People will be publicly available so county residents can see what is going on in their home regions and what issues need to be addressed.
Our elected representatives will be required to stay updated in this administrative site respective to their counties to be fully aware and more importantly…accountable to the issues of their constituents. After all, they should be working for you. 

How Will it Work?

Every registered Oregon resident with a legal address will be able have direct access to Power To The People and, if they choose, make recommendations on what issues or concerns should be addressed within their county. Every citizen within their respective county can review all of the ideas and choose those ideas that resonate with them. We will see in real-time which topics are gaining the most traction. The top concerns should be the focus for that county. 

From there, we will generate a cost analysis for each of the top 10 ideas. That will help put local issues into better perspective. Haven’t you always wondered about the costs for local improvements and wanted to hear ideas on how to pay for them? The goal is to put power back in your hands!
Then it will be up to your elected officials to make the change that you want to see happen… as fast as possible. Democracy in its most transparent form.

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