Safe in Your Own Neighborhood

Your wellbeing needs to be at the forefront of my administration.
If Oregonians don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods then their elected representatives have failed them.
As Governor I will take advantage of technology and innovation to its fullest potential. We need to take on crime and criminals at a whole new level as if our kids lives depend on it…because they do.

The future of Crime Prevention Technology will be Transformational.

As your Governor I am going to be using innovative technology to battle crime. What this will allow for is more accountability, safer neighborhoods, fewer avoidable deaths and stopping more criminals in their tracks.
Please read about my vision for The Future Of Crime Prevention.

Unlicensed gun owners

Did you know there are many unlicensed gun owners in Oregon? It’s time for accountability. If you can spend the time to get a drivers license then you can spend time getting a gun license.
Unlicensed gun owners need to be held accountable. Furthermore, those that sold them the gun…they too need to be held accountable and face the stiffest of punishment. Regardless if it’s an individual or a licensed gun retailer. If it’s a retailer there needs to be an immediate loss of license to sell firearms. Getting more unlicensed guns off the street will be a solid step towards more safety.

Police Support

Let it be known that I fully support our police and do not want to defund or abolish them. They put their lives in harms way everyday to protect my family and yours. The more protected they feel out on the streets the less of a shaky trigger finger they will have. So let’s think of ideas to help protect them. One of the more exciting developments taking shape is the development of a sophisticated Smart Belt. The gear they wear should be more advanced. Deploying smart robotics in a potentially dangerous scenario can also limit the risks officers take.

Police accountability

Though I do fully support the police, I also support police accountability. They have a lot of power. Misuse of that power has created so much distrust from within the community.
From the moment they walk out of their police vehicle there needs to be an enhanced body camera worn by all officers. Cameras need to always be on, with an in-depth microphone as well.
We need to phase out guns as their automatic default weapon. There are much less lethal weapons that can quickly stop a criminal in their tracks.

Technology to fight crime

Gunshot detection isn’t in use by many police departments, but it can be a very helpful way to monitor for gunshots in specific areas.
Using mapping and electronic sensors, gunshot detection allows officers to respond immediately and accurately.
Some departments use gunshot detection to fill in gaps, identifying shots fired that don’t get called in.
Gunshot detection can “detect 90%+ of gunfire incidents with a precise location in less than 60 seconds to significantly improve response times.” Police can use it to apprehend a criminal on a killing spree. This technology has already been used and enabled police to trace the killer’s movements in Fresno and apprehend him in 4 minutes and 13 seconds.

Automatic License Plate Scanner: The same technology that enables toll collectors to automatically scan and collect the registration numbers and letters on your license plate to charge you a fee is now being used by police for a variety of law enforcement purposes, from identifying stolen cars to catching up with people who have active warrants or monitoring “Amber Alerts.”
For police, this technology is helpful to automate and speed up the process of taking down license plates and checking them against law-enforcement databases. These scanner cameras can be used in police cruisers, and can also be mounted at streetlights, intersections and elsewhere. No longer do criminals have free reign of communities.

Electronic monitoring systems. The concept of house arrest is nothing new, but technological advances are making it a more workable option. When criminals are prosecuted for minor offenses, and they present no risk to the community, using electronic monitoring systems to allow them to serve their punishment at home has some benefits.
Low-level offenders need not be in prison. Prison hardens people. Instead, intense surveillance via GPS monitoring, audio and visual recording, and other technology-based solutions can keep them out of jail, ultimately saving communities money. Save Oregonians millions.