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Can you share your thoughts on Oregon's crumbling infrastructure? Do you have any plans for things like improved roads and schools?

Thanks for the question, Megan.

As revenue comes into our state I want to make sure that those dollars will be allocated to projects that help to repair our crumbling infrastructure as well as build for the future of tomorrow.
I will be creating a specialized task-force to connect with all of the House District representatives from each Oregon county to find out what infrastructure projects are the most important and to be prioritized first. Transportation and water infrastructure are key to a smooth running system. Other items I want to see on my desk are education, health and recreation infrastructure, communication networks and of course the future of energy, Wind and Solar.

I want the best quality of life for my fellow Oregonians. That’s why I am running to be Oregon’s next governor and that it why addressing the issue of infrastructure will be a priority.

I want greater accountability for the way money is spent and greater input from communities about what they need. That is why I will be setting up a Power to the People direct administrative portal. Here, greater transparency will be available to Oregonians so that they will be able to understand what projects are happening with their tax dollars. Oregonians will also be able to advocate for their community’s most pressing needs.


This question came from M. Ferrell of Portland, Oregon.

I'm hopeful that we can get free WiFi to all of our communities, but especially to rural communities... do you have any thoughts on this issue?

Hi Megan, Thanks for this important question.

Having free WIFI across our entire state in todays age, especially in our rural communities is important as ever.
They are the highways to success.
One of the reasons why WIFI was not readily available was there weren’t enough potential customers in rural areas to entice internet service providers (ISPs) to invest in building those networks.

As our communities continue to grow it will definitely be a priority of mine to make sure that rural Oregon has fast and reliable WIFI and broadband service.
Through my many programs, making Oregon a destination attraction will help communities to grow and entice new ISPs.

Though WIFI and broadband are different we should note making sure all Oregonians have internet access is important to me.
Creating Wi-Fi hotspots throughout several populated rural areas is a great way to start.

Agriculture in rural areas may become one of the largest driving forces for broadband infrastructure which will include support and technical assistance. The Oregon Broadband Advisory Council / OBAC – 2020 is now in place to further the expansion of broadband.

This question came from M. Ferrell of Portland, Oregon.

What's your view on the second amendment? And how do you interpret it?

Hey Zachary,
You can read my view about guns in Oregon here:

For something that was written over 200 years ago, everyone’s interpretation can take many forms. Even the courts have multiple viewpoints.
“A well REGULATED militia…” I feel the American people and some of government are trying their best to keep it regulated, exactly as the Second Amendment  states, but as long as the NRA and gun industries can donate millions to purchase unqualified politicians into office to speak on their behalf then the 2A will never be regulated. Times have greatly changed. Weapons have greatly changed. The laws have not.

I feel as long as a politician is receiving money from the NRA or gun industries they should be voided from voting on any laws or bills pertaining to those very industries.

This question came from Zachary in Eugene, Oregon.

What is your position on covid vaccine mandates for attending school or as a requirement for employment and health benefits? Should we place mandates and restrictions on individuals who choose not to get the covid vaccines? What is your platform for fighting covid?

Hey Nate, This is a very important question and should be clearly addressed.
I am not in favor of mandates. I feel it is important that people make their own decisions to best dictate their lives.
That being said, if the board members of a school district in Oregon votes to have a mask mandate in place to best protect the students within their walls then I support their decision and I would not go against it.

I do not feel being vaccinated is a requirement for employment or health benefits either. But I do feel employers can choose not to hire someone based on vaccine status.

If individuals choose not to get vaccinated I am opposed to any restrictions at a government level against them. It’s extremely unfortunate that they have come to the conclusion that vaccines are more harmful to them then the actual virus, but I believe in their freedom of choice. Now, if a restaurant or an establishment of any type requires a vaccine card in order to enter their premises then I support their right to decide what’s best for their business.

My platform for fighting Covid is better education. Most importantly I would relentlessly encourage residents NOT to listen to social media, their favorite news source or their favorite politician in order to get their facts. Misinformation is the biggest killer. If Oregon’s health authorities or the CDC strongly recommend something then I will support their decision.
I would create a new way of disseminating information. A way that can be trusted, opinionless and blunt to the fact.

This question came from Nate in Oregon City, Oregon.

My questions about you and your ideas rest completely in your description of the party you represent. What does the Independent party stand for? Please include in your detail the parties goals and how you plan to help achieve them. Extra credit for summing up why you chose to join our party and what a win would mean for you and also the Independent party as a whole

Hey Philip,
Great question. For clarity, I am not representing the Independent Party of Oregon. Yet. I am a candidate running to be the nominee for the IPO. I also want make clear that certain individuals who currently run the IPO don’t necessarily represent the beliefs of all IPO candidates. They each have their own opinions and ideas that they stand for. Mine don’t necessarily fall in line with every board member of the IPO. And that’s ok. In fact, it’s great.  You can go onto the Independent Party of Oregon website to see what their goals are and you can browse my website to see what mine are. For the most part we share many of the same goals. Running as an Independent allows me to create policies and bring forth recommendation without ever having to worry about crossing party lines. Both parties have legit ideas but if a democrat comes up with a great idea, or vice-versa…there is no way a the other party will support it. They don’t want to be seen and supporting the enemy. That reason alone is why politics is so toxic. The 2-party system is toxic. I grew up in a family that is equally liberal and conservative. I have the best of both worlds. Listening to ideas from both sides of the isle. Respectfully.

If an Independent won the race for governor, specifically me, it would be the beginning of the end of the toxic two-party system. Among many other things, I would help to encourage a new form of voting that would allow for the best candidates from multiple parties to all have an equal shot. As an Independent in the governor mansion my first goal would be to bring unity within both parties. Oregonians are good people regardless of politics. We want many of the same things for ourselves and our families. It just needs to be presented in a better light.

This question came from Philip in Portland, Oregon.

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