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Our Beloved Salmon Runs

Salmon are an important part of the animal kingdom and most especially precious to humans.

Salmon is one of the most important species of fish to the state of Oregon and we need to do more to protect them and allow them to flourish throughout our Oregon rivers.

In Oregon, a healthy salmon population is vital to our economy. Cities and towns and businesses (both large and small) depend on strong salmon numbers. Oregon’s Native American tribes have been depending on healthy salmon runs for centuries. As the salmon numbers decline so does a part of their livelihood. I want to do even more to preserve those runs. Whatever it takes…it needs to happen.

Counties with rivers running through them can expect an increase in job growth from salmon protection and rejuvenation.  The Columbia River region is home to many rivers where the salmon migrate. Central Oregon counties along the Deschutes the Clackamas and Klamath River have salmon runs as well.

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

We should be proud that the US Congress established the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF) to reverse the decline of West Coast salmon. Millions of dollars have gone directly towards Oregon’s salmon habitat. The Brown administration has done some good work on applying that money in the right direction and we applaud them for that. But more can and should be done, which will include pressuring Congress to establish a secondary fund for this vital and endangered species. If salmon numbers ever decline to the point that salmon becomes extremely rare or illegal to fish, it will affect everyone from our home-chefs, to our grocery markets, to the national fisheries.

Strengthening Salmon Habitat

If you are living in a city sitting along a river of salmon runs, then you can expect a revitalization of support and education in order to help strengthen salmon habitat, spawning, fishing, hatcheries and outdoor recreation. My administration will have a team of environmental salmon specialists who insist on habitat restoration programs to rejuvenate the shorelines and nurture the plants needed for successful and healthy spawning. We will heed these specialists’ recommendations to make our salmon strong again.

Advanced Salmon Innovation

My administration will advocate for advanced innovation for our fish hatcheries to produce stronger fry, better foods, and cleaner waters. We will seek new methods of hatching more salmon fry to life and keep them alive longer into adulthood.
How can we pay for this

A stronger salmon population will correspond to more Oregon tourist dollars if we can establish world-class salmon fishing spots. The economic boost from recreational and commercial fishing industries will far outweigh the cost of investing in our salmon habitats.

Salmon is key to living a healthy lifestyle. Rest peacefully knowing that I will protect our salmon and help them to flourish.

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