The Big 5

Special Interest Groups, Super-PACS and Corporate Lobbyists spend hundreds of millions every election purchasing politicians to serve their needs over the needs of the people… and they have been extremely successful thus far.

It’s No Longer A Secret

When Industries or Corporations are spending millions towards political parties and politicians they are expecting something in return. Secret favors. They spend for ONE reason only. To influence a politicians decision making. The conflict of interest is astronomical.

As your Governor I want to focus for a moment on 5 specific industries that are directly linked to death or destruction. The Big 5.


1. The Gas/Coal/Fracking and Oil Industries

2. The NRA and Gun Industries

3. The Military Industry and Weapons of War Manufacturers

4. The Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance Industries

5. The Big Banks and Finance Services Industry

Creating Transparency

These BIG-5 have done much to break the trust of our citizens and the foundation of our democracy nationwide.

I want Oregon to be a leader in election transparency.  There should be clear, documented, factual answers to these extremely important questions:

  • Which politicians are the BIG-5 donating to?
  • Are there any former politicians working as lobbyist for the BIG-5? Who?
  • How much do both political parties receive in contributions from each of the BIG-5?
  • Are there any politicians that are receiving campaign money from ALL five of the BIG-5?
  • Of the politicians that have received donations from the BIG-5, how did they vote when it came to a policy or law that directed affected the BIG-5?
  • What is the total marketing dollars any of the BIG-5 has spent in print, TV, radio or social media advertising that directly benefits any specific politician?

Contribution from the the BIG-5

As your Governor, I will spearhead a program stating that any elected official who has taken campaign contributions from any of the BIG-5 must be recused from voting on or creating any bills or laws that involves any of the BIG-5. Voting against your constituents because of financial benefits is a hallmark of corruption.

EVERYONE should be in favor of this…unless of course you are one of those slimy politician benefiting nicely because of money in politics from the BIG-5. 

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