Being proactive is smart. Using foresight and taking proactive measures is even smarter.

What will the United States and many other countries be using in greater quantity in the very near future?

Batteries and Desalination.

The need to create a high-powered battery to install on every home with solar is crucial. What good are solar panels if they stop working during a power outage?
What good is an electric car if you can only go as far as the battery takes you?
Creating super-fast charging batteries for electric cars IS THE FUTURE. Creating affordable batteries that can store the energy taken in by solar IS THE FUTURE.

I also feel the future of water usage will be through desalination plants. Taking ocean water, taking out the salt and distributing it across the US. Did you know that Israel and other middle-eastern countries gets roughly 50% of their drinking water from the ocean. They were proactive. They were smart.

Each year we are witnessing our local lakes and rivers shrink. Some dried lake beds are heartbreaking to look at. Water reservoirs continue to shrink in many big cities. I feel it is inevitable that we will need to resort to the waters of the oceans to feed our undeniable thirst for fresh drinking water.

Each and every single year the United States uses a larger % of water taken from the ocean thanks to the very small amounts of desalination plants in existence.

It’s time to be proactive and create an economic powerhouse for the state of Oregon. The future of technology.

Creating manufacturing plants in Oregon that specialize in these components will put Oregon on the map for generations to come. New high-paying jobs and an overall stronger economy will be good for everyone. A prosperous Oregon is a better Oregon for all its residents.

As your Governor I want Oregon to be proactive and think of what the future brings. Manufacturing of these specialized batteries AND creating the components used in desalination plants. We will absolutely become the king of manufacturing for the technologies of the future.

It’s BIGand BOLD and it’s just the smart thing to do.