Those who blatantly lie on the campaign trail, in political advertisements or while in office needs to be held accountable. We have been witnessing unbelievable amounts of lying from those elected to government. They recognize that there will be no consequences to their actions and so nothing is stopping them from not telling the truth.

Truth in Politics

Did you know that it is illegal to lie on a resume for a government position? Truth in Lending laws are applied and that is a good thing. Truth in Advertising laws are also nationally implemented. So, don’t you think “Truth in Politics” should also be in effect?

Held Accountable

If a politician has been informed by an independent non-partisan fact-checking panel that they are telling a clear, verifiable and undeniable lie and they refuse to immediately and publicly acknowledge and correct the record, then they need to be held accountable.

Truth matters

Brazen, lying politicians are directly affecting our livelihoods. Our economy. Our health. Our careers. Their words have a profound impact on our communities. Truth matters!
To be very clear, I am not calling out any politicians here in Oregon. I am setting a foundation for protecting the future of Oregon’s democracy.

How can we protect our freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment while still holding political  liars accountable? What does “accountable” mean? That is not for me to decide alone. Let the people speak and let their voices be heard.

Truth In Politics Act

As your governor I will request the formation of the Truth In Politics Act to hold those accountable for the damage of what their words can cause.

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