Free Transit

One of the best ways we can create a united Oregon with equity for all is by having a free public transportation system throughout Oregon. Oregon’s bus and light rail system should work for everyone. Portland already ranks as one of the top cities with an excellent transportation system. Research has shown that when the transit system is free the community as a whole prospers. Local economies flourish. I would also recommend free wi-fi on public transportation as well. This is a great way to allow those individuals with longer travel times to get work done. Time lost is money lost.
Safety! Creating a safe environment for those riding our public transportation is paramount. Enforcing stricter laws for those riding the system who become violent or out of control will help to ensure public safety.

Encouraging Bike Travel

My administration will encourage bikes to be used as your main mode of transportation. This can increase health benefits, save money, reduce traffic, lessen air-pollution and slow climate change. Biking is a powerful tool of transportation.  

Congestion Pricing

One way around heavily congested areas is by using a method called Congestion Pricing. The study from Oregon’s Environmental Council has found that using this method of charging drivers who drive during the busiest times of the day should be charged a small fee. This will in turn immediately create less traffic during rush hour for those drivers who are able to drive during a different hour of the day.

Transportation Infrastructure

As revenue comes into our state I want to make sure that those dollars will be allocated to projects that help to repair our crumbling infrastructure as well as build for the future of tomorrow. Expanding public transportation.
Transportation infrastructure is absolutely key to a smooth running system.

Future of Transportation

I will not allow any Transportation Advisors onto my team who still believe that gas-powered cars will be the future of Oregon travel. It’s time we build for the future in terms of both the actual transportation and the good paying manufacturing jobs related to transportation components.

It’s time to start thinking about the future of transportation such as shared mobility, electric and autonomous vehicles. It’s time we connect rural and urban Oregon together with amazingly fast travel such as Hyperloop. Though more research needs to go into Hyperloop trasnportation before it becomes a reality, it’s time to be progresssive about the future of transportation.
It’s time we have the environment in mind while building out the future. Clean-energy-powered. Dirty emissions need to be a thing of the past.  It’s time we focus on individuals’ health with regards to transportation which include “Smart Cities” for walking and biking. The future is now and it’s time to go BIG!

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