Independents, Republicans and Democrats

After talking with the friendly people across our state one issue often comes up. The major forest fires, long-lasting heat waves, the droughts and ocean acidification are all causing too much carnage across our great state. They are getting worse with time and wreaking havoc on our health and economic livelihoods. This is happening in all four corners of Oregon.


While working as a public educator at NASA I was able to see in real time what was happening to our planet. I often spoke directly to scientists and engineers working on many of our satellites and the findings were alarming.
What we are facing is absolute. The science is undeniable.
Climate Change is 100% real.


Policies my administration will focus on:

Carbon Farming
Renewable Energy Economy
Clean Electricity
Stronger Targets on Clean Energy Efficiency
Robust Reforestation Policy
Revolutionary and Highly-Efficient Recycling System
Requiring all Public Schools Shift More Education on Climate Change Cause and Prevention.

My administration will sit down with Oregon’s Environmental Council  so we can work together to implement strong action.

The West Coast Solution

Within my first 100 days in office, I will be requesting a meeting with the governors of California and Washington to discuss the creation of the first ever of its kind West Coast Solution to address Climate Change. We can no longer rely on the broken federal government to fix our climate crisis. In this West Coast Solution we need to bring in the best and brightest minds from around the planet and work together to create the boldest action required. The goal is to focus on innovation and invention to create zero-carbon products and policies.

We can greatly reduce the emissions causing greenhouse gases by focusing on inventing zero-carbon technologies. That right there will be the focus of my administration with respect to climate change.

It is imperative that we work together to help attract clean electricity innovations so it is widely affordable for everyone to use. The West Coast can and will be a leader in tackling the climate crisis we are all facing.

Thinking About The Future

My administration will attract innovators and manufacturers into our state who are focusing on future technologies. Working on what? Zero-carbon cement, steel, fertilizers and plastics.

New construction from residential and commercial buildings should be required to have electric charging ports. School buses and trucks need to go electric. All new construction will be required to follow Green Building codes and healthy home retrofits. Energy affordability and low utility rates for low income and tribal areas will have my full support. My administration will focus on creating local renewable energy sector jobs that incentivize local energy projects, especially out in the rural areas. Job growth in clean energy can be huge.


Water Pipeline

As Governor I aim to go BIG. I will help to create the first-ever mega  water pipeline across eastern Oregon. This life-saving, community-saving and job creating water-line will be required in order to strengthen rural communities, strengthen farms, combat wild fires and defend against major droughts. Hope is around the corner.


Oregon’s Civilian Climate Corps

Under my administration I will require a whole new workforce specifically trained to combat our climate crisis. Forestry management, engineers, farmers, firefighters, home builders, electricians, all being trained to defend our communities from inevitable climate disasters. We have to go BIG and take life-saving knowledge to strengthen communities all accross Oregon with proactive measures. Oregon’s Civilian Climate Corps will focus on foresight so that Oregon will be safer and stronger as we head into the future of worsening climate crises.


Oregon’s Oceans

Oregon’s oceans are being devastated by micro-plastics, ocean acidification and hypoxia. This is devastating our coastal cities and we need to put in the time and resources to reverse the damage. Oregon’s ecosystems, the seafood industry and the state’s economy are all being affected. We share the same ocean with Washington and California so it makes sense to bring the brightest minds to work together. 

Oregon Wildfires 

Fires do not care about your political party nor do they stop at state borders. Washington and California must work together with Oregon to help prevent these raging fires that spread from state to state. The cost of Oregon’s wildfires in 2020 alone was over $350 million.  We should shift more funding to prevention and invest in our future, especially as the climate gets worse. You can read more about Aerial Rapid Response Team (ARRT). I want to focus on stopping forest fires in their infancy before they spread out of control.

With the combined forces of a West Coast Solution, we can share technology, robotics, and infrared flame detector cameras on satellites. This will allow us to put out small fires before they become unstoppable wildfires. Within minutes a fire can be detected and a rapid response deployed. Every second counts.

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