Ready to Become Rich?

As governor, I aim to specifically take on the illegal drug manufacturers head on, mainly the manufacturers of meth, opioids and heroin.
Only with the help of our residents can we tackle this epidemic to make a real and direct impact.
Once these manufacturer are convicted, the anonymous tipster will be compensated very nicely (rewards will depend on the size of the manufacturer and can range up to $1-million).

Proactive vs. Procrastination

The cost of implementing this program will pale in comparison to the cost of dealing with our current drug epidemic.

Oregon is spending billions of dollars on medical treatment, housing, rehab, policing, mental health treatment, lost earnings, car accidents and a long list of other issues related to these killer, illegal drugs.

Oregon’s Congress

We must pressure our state representatives to enact this program because the alternative is far too costly. Even closing down just one large-scale drug manufacturer would be enormously worth it. We can’t let upfront costs be a deterrent to safe guarding our children’s health and wellbeing.

Focusing on the Manufactureres

Meth, opioids and heroin are killing Oregonians at alarming rates.  We’ve been focusing on the wrong people in this epidemic. Drug addiction is a disease and drug addicts should be healed, not be punished. Small-time drug dealers often start selling drugs because they need money to eat and pay rent. Our state needs to provide enough good paying jobs so that small time sellers don’t need to get started with selling drugs. I’m most interested in pursuing the drug manufacturers. Illegal drug manufacturers are the root cause of our drug epidemic. They are the ones who will get the harshest of prison sentences. Take them out and we will save our state billions of dollars.

I am very aware that drugs flow into our state from other states as well as from out of the country. We must take small steps in order to deal with the problem as a whole. State by state.

Hey You!

Are you currently working alongside a drug manufacturer making methamphetamines, opioids or heroin? This is your time to get super-rich. You will be protected. Your family will be safe. The incentive to turn in illegal drug makers has never been better.

To the Naysayers

Since it is proven that being proactive can save our state billions, while simultanously helping those who are vulnerable to live healthier lives and are less likely to be homeless, depressed, suicidal, commit crimes or go into prison, we must question why anyone would oppose this program. What is your alternative to combating our drug epidemic? Please be specific…because the current system is clearly not working and no action at all is just not acceptable.

How can we help to pay for this?

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