Women’s reproductive health is a very sensitive topic. I respect and understand where all sides are coming from on this issue.

Here is what I know from having listened to the women around me. I have Democratic friends who are strictly anti-abortion. I have Republican friends who have had abortions.

It Should Be Not a Political Issue

Over the years I have come to realize that this is not a political issue. It is an individual matter. Regardless of the politics you follow, reproductive health has always been a personal and/or spiritual decision.

The Republican Party used to be pro-choice. It has been documented that office-holding Republicans have modified their stance even though they have not always practiced what they have come to preach.

Let me give you some examples

Personal and Spiritual

Regardless of the politics one follows, choice should always be personal and/or spiritual. Your faith will lead you on the right path, not your political party. This is such a sensitive issue that I feel it is time that we stop using it as a political wedge. There has been too much hypocrisy on this issue to also claim the moral high ground. 

A quick story that seems relevant to my position here… Did you know I used to sing in a church choir? This Jewish guy singing in a church choir. Imagine that. It was such a beautiful environment. I loved every minute of it. The church needed tenors and I was excited to learn more about religion while following my passion for singing. The pastor of the church was a proud Republican. He was sweet and loving and pro-life…right up until the moment his wife got pregnant. They were middle-aged and not ready to start the process of raising a newborn all over again. So, they made a personal decision and had an abortion. For them, it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, word got out though many of the church patrons were accepting of their choice.

I am telling this story to illustrate a point…. women, regardless of political view have made pro-choice decisions.

And conversely, many Democratic women are strongly pro-life. 

This issue is genuinely not a political one.

As long as men continue to force their decisions over women’s bodies this conversation will never be equal.

For generations, principled, spiritual and honorable individuals have been making choices regardless of politics, and they will continue to do so for generations to come.

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